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October 2, 2008

Pro Dart Tournaments

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Pro Dart Tournaments is the center for the entire community of Dart Players that will insure all Darters, regardless of League or other association, an opportunity to participate in Tournaments with Guaranteed Prize amounts. PDT’s goal is to provide large dollar amount Local and State Main Event Tournaments on a more frequent basis.  Because Pro Dart Tournaments is a “community” based effort it will be able to provide Players with Local Tournaments more often.

In order for the PDT to realize this goal it will be necessary for Host Operators and Players alike to share their ideas and provide input. PDT would like to see Local Host Operators HOST MAIN EVENT TOURNAMENTS as well. (A great benefit to those Host Operators that join us in our efforts!) There is no requirement for Membership in PDT for Players. Host Operators should register with PDT.  Joining PDT in this effort will provide Players and Host Operators with many benefits.

Darts is considered a “gentlemanly sport”. Generally, all dart players are good sportsman. They will shake hands and wish each other good luck before a match. At the end of a game they will shake hands and say “good game” or “nice shooting”. It has been our experience that Dart Players are usually friendly and congenial people. Dart Players usually bring a friendly atmosphere along with them.

It’s Fun! Players can enjoy countless hours of throwing darts in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

It’s Easy! Step up to the line and throw 3 Darts! Practice makes Perfect!

It’s competitive and inexpensive. With today’s rising costs in leisure activities, darts remains a great value, providing hours of continuous play at minimal cost.

Pro Dart Tournaments, with its unique tournament format, is designed to attract long time Dart enthusiasts and new players.

For More Information about Tournaments in your area, contact:

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May 15, 2010

At Lefty’s Pub

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Begins June 3rd



Dart Night!

Thirsty Thursday

Summer Special:

Dollar Longnecks!!

Thurs. @ 7:00 p.m.

Be early to sign up!

Steel Tip Only

PDT Format

$5.oo Entry Fee

Guaranteed Pots Announced

at Game time.

East Bowl and Lefty’s Pub

1358 E. State Road 46

Batesville, Indiana

For More info: (812) 934-4211

Presented by Lefty’s Pub and Pro Dart

September 4, 2009

Mystery Out “Chips”

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There are a lot of different “tokens” or “chips” that are used to pull the “Mystery Out” winner.  Some use temporary car key rings or poker chips with the numbers written on them in black marker.

We were looking for something with a little more style and our friend, Ice, gave us the perfect set of “Chips” complete with “PDT” on one side and a number on the other.  We appreciate the time and effort that Ice took to make these fine chips and we are hoping to find someone that could mass produce something similar so that all of our Host Venue Operators can have a set for their PDT tournaments.

We use a nylon bag to draw the chips from.  And to make the blind draw a bit easier, we pull a number for each player and then pull chips “blind” from a plastic coffee can.  We then write down the corresponding name for that draw on the Game Sheet.  When the tournament is over and it is time to draw the Mystery Out we simply dump the “player chips” back into the nylon bag and then have someone pull the number for the Mystery Out.

Here is a pic of the Mystery Out Chips made special for Pro Dart Tournaments by Ice.

Mystery Out Chips

Mystery Out Chips

These are wooden chips with the numbers and “PDT” printed on Copper Parchment paper glued to them and then covered with several coatings of clear Shellac.

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